As promised during the closing ceremonies, the DC23 NOC review slides + stats can be found here.

Thanks everyone! See you at DEF CON 24!

It seems like there is a number of Android devices that have issues validating the server certificate for 802.1x authentication.
We did some research and it seems like it is a common issue with different Android OS and hardware flavors. We can’t put our finger on it but it seems like it is the native 802.1x supplicant within Android.
There are 3rd party supplicants but at this point this is not one that we can recommend.
We do not encourage anyone to connect to the ESSID “DefCon” without validating the server certificate.
As for the steps to correctly configure it:
- go to
- download the DigiCert Root Certificate
- create your credentials on
- some flavors of Android automatically understand it’s a cert and will prompt you for install, choose this cert to be used on WiFi (and not VPN and Apps)
- go to wifi configuration
- add new network
- ESSID: DefCon
- 802.1x Enterprise
- Identify: enter username you created on wifireg
- Password: enter password you created on wifireg

The configuration above is pretty much the same for any other devices out there.

Any further updates on this matter will be posted here.

howdy! We are here, new venue(s) and working full speed for the past two days already to get everything up and running.

We will keep you posted on the progress of the services coming up either here and/or on twitter @defcon_noc

As promised during the closing ceremonies, we are posting the slides of the NOC review for DC22 including some notes.
And with a slight delay, you can also get the DC21 slides here.

We will be doing a NOC review at closing ceremonies. For now, this is how much internetz you guys have used.
Internet Traffic

howdy! It's been a while.
Just a quick note to say that yes, the 802.1X auth'd SSID is back for DC22.
The registration server should go live today or tomorrow so you can create your credentials before hand to get to the conference network in a more secure fashion.
We shouldn't really need to tell you this but: DO NOT use credentials that you use in any other important systems, like your corporate windows domain.
Once again, we're working through the funks of IOS devices and 802.1X. Fun stuff without a MDM solution and not being able (and not really wanting) to manage your devices.
Once we have the instructions ready to go, the site will be up. Hang in there.
Lastly, keep in mind that we do many things to keep your connection safe, but keep pay close attention to the instructions and any abnormal behavior. This is still a hacker summer camp where even your friends want to mess with you.

DEFCONSecure has been shutdown due to 802.1x vulnerabilities. There is no known ETA for restoration at this time.