Oh to hell with it...Merry Christmas! :) We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas, a great Hanukkah, and generally enjoyed the holidays! 2012 is the year the Mayans predicted the world would end - and is also coincidentally the 20th anniversary of DefCon. We've been doing some early planning already to ensure that DefCon20 is the biggest, baddest, most exciting DefCon EVER!

We hope everyone had a very Happy New Years - be safe in whatever activities you chose to indulge in (or at least don't get caught!).

Effffn has suggested a new network metric - HC's per second (hcps). It's a bit of an inside joke (that you can never erase from your mind once you've been exposed) - but suffice it to say instead of a generic "megabits per second" it's taking a known entity as a frame of reference. A video for example. Think "Rebecca Black's per second." There may be something to do this...!

Happy New Years and see you at DefCon 20!